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The Embryo Protection Society is an Arizona based non-profit created to:


Very few people understand how intricate, amazing and complex they are. Each of us has over 4,000 anatomic structures, 90% of which form in the first 56 days after union of male and female reproductive cells (conception). In the first 8 weeks we go from two to over one billion cells. This can only be by God.


By informative advocacy, the majesty of each human leads to reverence for both God and each other. Because we are all “Of God and by God”, this synergistic reverence leads to harmony amongst humanity.


Through both education and advocacy to state legislatures, we have the opportunity to control the narrative. We will define the language and craft legislation protecting the foundation of all human interactions…life itself.

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To many the term “Embryo” sounds medical and mysterious. It’s actually quite simple…


Think of this number.  “56”


From the moment the male and female reproductive cells combine (“Conception”) to the end of 8 weeks of development, is the “Embryonic Period”. And what happens in 56 days is beyond amazing!

Day 5:    The developing child starts to show a right and left side.

Day 15:  The child’s head begins to form.

Day 21:  The developing brain and spinal cord show distinct sections.

Day 22:  The child’s heart has its first of 54 million beats before birth.

Day 28:  The arms and legs begin to form.

Day 37:  The child begins to make spontaneous and reflexive movements. These movements stimulate the formation of bones and muscles.

Day 49:  The beating heart shows the same electrical pattern as an adult.

Day 51:  The child has separated individual fingers and toes.

Day 56:  The child has grown from a single cell to nearly one billion cells.

There are over 4000 separate body parts.

The child is 1 ¼ inches tall.

More than 90% of all adult structures are present.

God’s majestic works are quietly unseen in our creation.

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