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Dr. Darrell Angle

Friends of over forty years describe the author as “authentic, principled, humble, structured, empathetic, and accomplished. Dr. Angle has been a college athlete, university professor, pilot, scuba and sky diver, professional speaker, IronMan triathlete, president of multiple non-profits and creator of 9000 smiles in a 38 year career.

With his first book, Dr. Angle appreciatively arrives at a simple centered place. “I do my best to live Micah 6:8. I am honored to be a man of God and husband to Karen, the most beautiful soul on this earth.


My writings offer novel perspectives on the contemporary human condition from the side of the prism rarely viewed. This is the view that combines reality, revelation and hope.”

Dr. Angle is also the founder of the Embryo Protection Society, an Arizona based non-profit created to Educate, Advocate, and Legislate for the Protection of Preborn Human Lives.

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