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The United States Legal System

has Zero Understanding

of Human Embryos

What happens when medical technology, moral values, the legal system, religion, psychopathology, human life and human rights all collide at the same crossing?

Embryo Wars front cover

As a series of events unfolded, Dr. Darrell Angle stood in the epicenter of this cataclysm, the first man in US legal history for fight for his human embryos to be given the opportunity to live on this planet. Once the unwitting participant in the unimaginable saga, now the willing warrior to affirm the immeasurable value of human life.

This is his real singular story. It opens a menagerie of tangential, soul searchIng questions for our culture, medical science, religion, law and ethics. Come along this journey if you are willing to test your bedrock beliefs on the value of human existence in our world.

 In the United States … AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!

There are approximately 800,000 frozen Human Embryos in storage

        This means 145,000 live births are stuck in liquid nitrogen

21% of Human Embryos created for a child are discarded

Most fertility clinics in the United States are private and unregulated


Money is the only requirement to create human life through IVF

Most people have no understanding of the majesty of their own existence

The Legal System at all levels has ZERO understanding of Human Embryos

There is no legal definition of Human Life

State Legislation is our opportunity to protect Human life from the moment of conception.



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